“There’s an App For That”

You know that the company you work for has officially gone 21st Century when it starts coming out with its own Apple Apps. Praise the Lord for technology!

For those of you who don’t know, an “App” isn’t an appetizer, it’s an application. (I know, I’m funny, right?) These “Apps” are specifically designed to run on Apple iPods, iPads and iPhones.

Campus Crusade created two Apps, the first one, called “God Tools,” is a combination of key ministry tools you can use when sharing the Gospel with co-workers, friends, strangers you meet at the mall or on your walk to work, etc. Forgot your “Knowing God Personally” booklet at home?? No worries, there’s an app for that!

The “Knowing God Personally” booklet is the key tool students and staff alike use to clearly share the Gospel on the UW-Stevens Point campus (as well as other campuses around the globe) and on summer projects.

The second tool is the “Satisfied?” booklet, which we use to share more about how the Holy Spirit lives and breaths in your life, and how you can walk with Jesus daily.

The last is something called “Soularium”, which is a visual tool used to get the topic of faith and God into a conversation using photographs.

The other App is for the FamilyLife ministry branch of Campus Crusade. It allows you to listen to the “FamilyLife Today” or “Real FamilyLife with Dennis Rainey” whenever you want and wherever you are.

Go ahead and download God Tools and the FamilyLife Apps and find yourself more prepared to share the Gospel and get the topic of faith and God to the surface in your everyday life.

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