4000, 370 and 10.15

I know, crazy headline, right?

It’s breaking a lot of print journalism rules, but whatever. This is our blog, and we’re rebels like that. Next week, read more about how else the Horrmann’s are living on the edge. It’ll be epic.

Recently, I (Courtney) realized we haven’t shared a lot about our support on our blog. Maybe it’s because we feel we don’t need to, because those of you who actually read this thing we tell in person. Or maybe we forgot, doubt it, but it’s possible. Or maybe — and this is the most-likely answer — it was too scary.

Sharing with you the specifics on how we’re doing with support in writing is scary. It makes the reality, more of a reality. And sometimes reality is hard to take in.

But the Lord called us into ministry with Him, and He calls us to share our ministry with others. Raising support is a big piece of our ministry, and you are a part of our community.

Big praise:

Our staff account is officially out of deficit.

It’s been a challenge, there have been times when we thought that negative sign would never go away, but it’s been refiningly sweet to watch it happen. At the end of June we asked the Lord to provide us with $4000 in one-time support to bring our staff account out of deficit. By the end of July, He had provided. PRAISE THE LORD!!

Our hearts:

As you know, we long to be on campus in Central, WI. Like, real bad. We can’t wait to meet students, raise them up to be ambassadors for Christ, and share the message of the Gospel with everyone we meet.

But we’re not ready yet. If we were, we’d be there already. God still wants us in the process. As Oswald Chambers said, “what we see as only the process of reaching a particular end, God sees as the goal itself.”

What’s that mean? His purpose is for us to depend on Him and His power now. Raising our own support is a process that is not only building our ministry for the long haul, but it’s refining our character. We can’t do this without Him. It’s just not possible. We rejoice in that.

Big prayer:

Back in May, we started asking the Lord for a date. We wanted to trust Him for something specific. So we asked. We asked for a specific date to finish our support.

At the time, we were sitting at about 30 percent in our monthly support goal, and we weren’t seeing a lot of action. We hadn’t been seeing a lot of movement in awhile actually. Which is what initially inspired the “ask specifically” thing. We knew we weren’t fully depending upon the Lord for everything and we needed accountability.

The Lord gave us October 15. To be honest, I (Courtney) was discouraged. Mostly because my heart had been wanting to be on campus for the start of the year. But that wasn’t the date He gave us.

So now, here we are; a little more than two months away from the goal and we’re still not that much further along. We’ve seen the Lord bring in more than $4000 in one-time support, which is huge, but our monthly has stayed pretty stagnant.

But our God is worthy of our hope. He hasn’t left us. Even when we may feel that way. He hasn’t forgotten us.

So we’re praying. We’re praying for October 15. We’re praying for $370 in monthly support each week. This $370 of monthly support each week will get us on campus by October 15.

We’re praying for “370 and 10.15.”

Will you pray with us?


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