Leaders are readers

There are lots and lots of books out there, and not all of them ignite my heart and make me want to break into action. However — reading leads to continuous learning, continuous development and continuous improvement — and that’s never a bad thing.

Then there are those times when I read a book and my passionate, activistic nature takes charge, and I just can’t help myself. I have to tell others about it.

This is one of those times.

You have to read this book. It’s a quick-read, and it’s one you’ll reference back to — I already have since I finished it two days ago.

In “Axiom: Powerful Leadership Proverbs” Bill Hybels divulges the God-given convictions that have dictated his leadership strategy for more than three decades as senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church.

More than 75 proverbs are divided into four categories: vision and strategy, teamwork and communication, activity and assessment, and personal integrity.

There is a lot of wisdom in this 216-page book. And I just thought you should know about it.

While talking books with my dear friend Elizabeth the other night, she quickly reminded me that, “leaders are readers.” Amen.

If you’re a serious-minded leader, you will read. You will read all you can. You will read when you feel like it, and you will read when you don’t. You will do whatever you have to do to increase your leadership input, because you know it will make you better.



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