Did you know?

Have no fear — the About Us section is here and no longer blank. 🙂

We continue to update the pages of this blog with bits of who we are. Get to know a little bit more about me (Courtney) and Erick this week.

For example — did you know I studied abroad in Caen, France when I was in college and developed a deep love for butter croissants? It’s true — a deep love.

You’ve never had a croissant, you say? Well, I guess my first question is — who hurt you? You’re missing out. Go to a bakery tomorrow and buy yourself a croissant. Feel free to send me your receipt and I’ll reimburse you.

Here’s another one — did you know Erick can play four instruments and that his favorite book (besides the Bible) is Catcher in the Rye? Erick loves the psychology behind the book. He says Holden is misunderstood.

We’re having fun with our new blog. Hope you are too.

And I’m serious about that reimbursement.

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