Where’d all my time go?

I (Courtney) turned 25 last week. I grew up with this idea in my head that 25 was the age when you became a “real” adult. I’d be done with college, working a job, paying my own bills, officially renting a car without penalties — you know, stuff like that. Grown-up stuff.

Here’s my conclusion: being a grown up is really overrated.

I miss being a kid. Life was less complicated, and the world was one big playground.

I miss the days when technology didn’t rule my life. If my internet quit working for the day, it seriously wasn’t a big deal. Life and work went on without it.

There are so many interruptions during our day. If it isn’t a phone call, it’s a text message, or an email, or a twitter update. Or it’s facebook, or a live video feed of a gorilla saving a kitten on CNN.com. (I’m pretty sure that happened actually.)

There are a lot of distractions in our day. We have an endless amount of information at our fingertips, but not an endless amount of time to absorb it all.

With all the distractions in our world, how are you spending your time? What does your private life (life outside of work, church, volunteering, etc.) look like?

Are you spending enough time with the Lord, your family, yourself?

Our time on this planet will shoot right on by — what did you do with your day today? We are working under the ultimate deadline. People in this world are dying without hearing the Gospel. People in your neighborhood are starving. There are people in this world without a place to call home.

You were given a particular set of gifts and talents for a reason. Remember who you work for. While important, you weren’t given the blessings in your life just so you could have an impact in corporate america and provide for your family.

Why wouldn’t you devote your gifts and talents completely back to the one who gave them to you in the first place?

My to do list is longer as a 25-year-old than it was as a five-year-old, but my reasons for why I’m on this earth haven’t changed.

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind … you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” – Matt 22: 37, 39

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