Get to know us … one day at a time: Day 1

We really enjoy blogging. Especially me (Courtney). Raising support is challenging, fun and adventurous, but it doesn’t always provide an outlet for our creative side. That’s what this blog is. It’s another medium to channel our creative juices.

While perusing the world wide web this week, we stumbled upon this fun little “Days” blog experiment. We thought we’d share 30 things in 30 days about us. Some of these things are serious, some of them are random — but all of them are fun. Enjoy.

Day 1: favorite song

Erick: A Long December – Counting Crows

It was the first non-classical song I learned how to play on the piano and will always remind me of my adolescence and the transformation from child to adult.

Courtney: How Beautiful – Twila Paris

The first time I heard this song, I was riding in the car with my Grandma when I was nine years old — just a few weeks before I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. She was singing along to these incredibly beautiful and profound lyrics that bring me to tears nearly every time I hear them sung or even read.

Watch Shanti sing this song at our wedding. It was awesome.

3 thoughts on “Get to know us … one day at a time: Day 1

  1. I just sang this at my friend’s wedding last month. I, believe it or not, had never heard it until then!! The first time I ran through it in the church brought tears to my eyes. It’s definitly near to my heart now. 🙂

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