Get to know us … Day 3

Day 3: Favorite TV Show

Erick: The Office and Psych

Court made a comment that these two shows are “the same” and so I had to pick one … but clearly that didn’t happen.

The Office:

It’s one of two TV shows that I actually own on DVD (the other being … “The Batman” animated TV series). I find the “office” situational humor simply perfect. The character composition and creation do a good job giving everyone at least one character to relate to (although I find myself relating to parts of several characters). It is the kind of show that I can always go back to and watch, laugh, and feel like I’m visiting old friends.

The Office


This is a recently discovered show that I had actually never heard of until this past summer (thanks to my brother Adam for introducing me to his favorite show). The witty humor, Dulé Hill & James Roday’s “buddy comedy” and detective-like scenarios, make for a very lovable show. It was through this show I discovered my true love for “buddy” shows/movies (i.e. Rush Hour, Men in Black, Blues Brothers, etc.)


Courtney: The West Wing and Friends

Can I have two? I can have two, right? It’s our blog — I’m having two. I like a lot of shows, but these two are by far my favorite. When reruns are on — I always watch. I just can’t help myself.

The West Wing:

Thanks to incredibly intelligent and witty writing by Aaron Sorkin, fabulous acting, and deeply relatable character development,  “The West Wing” is the best drama ever created. Yep, I said it. I LOVE this show.


This show is hilarious. Plain and Simple. Every time I watch an episode — I laugh out loud. Which let me tell you — doesn’t happen that often. This show is timeless. And I have yet to see an ensemble cast be as funny as these guys.

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