Christmas and Toffee

Apologies on this way overdue post. Life’s been a little nuts. With the pre-Christmas chaos of decorating, baking, cooking, shopping, wrapping and packing — we got a little distracted. We promise we won’t abandon you this long ever again.

Christmas was wonderful. Refreshing. Fun. Great family time. “It’s a Wonderful Life” — twice. My mom even had time to sneak in a Christmas photo. Not gonna lie — pulling together the Kostick children into one photo is not always an easy task.

What did you do this Christmas?

I made toffee this year — it’s a grandpa, father, father-in-law and husband favorite. So I made a lot of toffee. Please go into your kitchen immediately, pull out a pound of butter from your refrigerator, and make yourself some toffee. You will thank me later.

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