TCX 2010

Each year, right after Christmas, we bring together more than 1500 college students from the Upper Midwest Region (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota & South Dakota) for a four-day conference in downtown Minneapolis.

We want to see students trust Christ for the first time, rejoice in worship alongside 1500 of their peers, glorify God by laying down their futures, and love on the people of this city by bringing them food and the gospel.

We want to see God bring about change in the hearts of our students in how they think about spiritual truth, their lifestyles, their lost family, and how they make decisions.

We want to see these things be true for students not just for four days, but for a lifetime.

The Twin Cities eXperience (TCX) is an event we’ve held for years, and something Erick and I both attended when we were students. It was where I shared my faith for the first time. We grew up in Christian homes, but it was at TCX where we recommitted our faith and service to our savior as adults.

What does it look like to serve the Lord for a lifetime? We didn’t always plan to join staff with Campus Crusade. We had jobs lined up, the possibility of successful careers in the making, but when we surrendered our futures over to Him — anything was possible.

Our dear friend Londa (she’s on staff at UW-Eau Claire) blogged about students’ and staff’s experiences throughout the conference.

Check out the TCX Blog to read more about how TCX is four days, for change, for life.

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