Get to know us … Day 12

Day 12: Something you are OCD about


Having our DVDs and Blu-Ray’s in alphabetical order.

It’s to the point where if someone comes and takes a movie out, I’ll have to make sure they put it back in its place. Or I’ll just be the one to “take a look at the movies” so that no one gets things confused :-). Court likes to ask people, “who do you think organized our movies?” And usually people who don’t know this about me think it’s Court … but it’s not :-).


I have to color coordinate my M&M’s before I eat them.

I’m totally aware that this is weird. But I can’t help it. Apparently there is a group on Facebook where people like myself can discuss how they need to just let go, and pop a handful of those wonderful candy chocolates in their mouths before looking. Hmmm … interesting concept. I don’t think  I can do it.

P.S. Does anyone remember when we had tan M&M’s? Those were the days…

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