Get to know us … day 15

Day 15: our dream house


So I’m sure that my post is going to be very different from Courtney’s. Let’s just say I’m partial to white:

Just kidding.

But seriously, one of my top priorities is a 4-car garage. Not because I’m planning on having 4 cars. Probably only 2. But here’s the thing. When was the last time you walked into your garage and said, “wow, it’s really neat, tiddy, and spacious in here. I feel like there’s just enough room for everything I’ve tried to cram in here.” No, you probably didn’t say that. It was probably something more like this, “hopefully if I put this shovel here it won’t fall when I close the garage door … only one way to find out.”

I’m not a huge fan of the rest of this house (sorry family whose house this is on Google Images).

My final priority is a dream of the thing of pipes. A bookcase that is a secret door to another secret room. I have told Courtney time and time again that if we ever have the opportunity (or tragic pain) of building our own home, a secret room with a secret bookcase door is a MUST.

Bat Cave anyone? I’m hoping to have a statue of some random guy that when I push back his head there’s a red button underneath that I push and the door pops open.


Oh how beautifully different my hubby and I are. This paints a pretty clear picture. The White House??


Not gonna lie, when I think of my dream house, the first thought I have isn’t about what the actual house will look like. It’s always about the porch … surrounded by peony and lilac bushes … with a swing … and maybe a red door. That’s not too much to ask, right?!

I want this porch. Just looking at it makes me want lemonade.

And while we’re at it, my next thought is about a beautiful, totally functional kitchen. I really do dream about a house where you cook and eat and live in one room. Open up your kitchen and throw your dining table in the middle of the room, I say. It’s where everybody wants to hang out anyway — by the food. Good food leads acquaintances to become life-long friends. Seriously.

I love the look of this kitchen. Huge stove, tons of work space, rustic and modern. Absolutely gorgeous. Throw in a solid wood table with like 10 or 12 chairs and I’m sold.

The outside of the home, and every other room in the house, I can work with and I’m flexible. It’s all about the kitchen and the porch for me.

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