Get to know us … Day 16

Day 16: Song that makes you cry, or nearly


“Everything I Own” by Bread

My dad always told me that when this song came out in the 70s most people thought it was about the the the writer David Gates’ lost love, but it is actually attributed to Gates’ father (wikipedia article). I think it’s the connection with my dad that I have with the song, and then all I can think of when I hear the song are memories with him (and mom and brother) and the eventual loss that I’ll experience someday.


“How Beautiful” by Twila Paris

I’ve blogged about this song before — back on Day 1 actually. It is one of my favorite songs, and it always always always brings tears to my eyes. It’s not just the memories I have attached to this song — my grandma, family weddings, funerals, our wedding — but it’s the lyrics. The song is talking about the beauty of Christ and how beautiful He is that He paid the price for our sins. It moves me to tears. Every single time.

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