Get to know us … Day 17

Day 17: An art piece


I’ve always found Claude Monet’s paintings fascinating. They seem so elegant, yet so simplistic at the same time. I also really like sailing so this is one of my fav’s. This one is entitled “Regatta at Argenteuil”. It reminds me of simple summers, low breeze, just enough to get going in the boat, crystal clear water, maybe some “Half & Half” Nantucket Nectar and a sandwich. Beautiful.


I am artistically challenged. I can’t play an instrument, sing, act, draw, paint, sculpt, whatever — I can’t do it.

Wait … does latte art count?  No. Ok. Moving on.

I know my artistic inability is why I’ve always found musicians and artists fascinating. “How do they do that?!” usually pops out of my mouth at least 14 times when I’m at a museum, concert or broadway show. I’m fascinated by the beautiful things people can create and do.

That being said — I’m in the mood for Norman Rockwell. I don’t know if he’s my favorite, but definitely one of them. I have a lot of favorites, from lots of different genres. But this particular piece brings back memories.

This painting is called, “Self-Portrait” — makes sense, no reading between the lines on this one. My aunt had it up in her house, and I’ve always loved it. I think I just thought it was funny.

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