Sorry for the delay

We haven’t been ignoring you. We swear. We know we should be providing you with timely updates.You shouldn’t have to say, “by golly, they actually posted something new today.”

So sorry friends. We don’t have a good excuse.

Does anyone even say “by golly” anymore? I’m sorry again for making that retro phrase pop out of your mouth. Apparently I’m channelling, “Leave it to Beaver” this morning.

Happy Monday to you. Happy Spring too. Though, it isn’t very springy in Minneapolis. It’s cloudy, 40-degrees, and snow still covers my yard. It’s ugly snow too. Check out Nicollet Avenue. Gross.

My brother Kyle and his lovely girlfriend are in Florida for the week. Needless to say I’m incredibly jealous. As a consolation, Kyle said he’d ride an extra roller coaster in honor me. Thanks brother, but instead, could you possibly bring back sunshine and 80-degree weather? That’d be swell.

What’s new in our lives these days? We’re still raising our support — we did not finish on March 15. Yes, it’s disappointing and we were hopeful to be done. But God isn’t done with us yet. If He wanted to, we know God is capable of having us finish tomorrow. But, He has some more things up His sleeve.

We do have to be honest with you, there were moments this last week — out of pure exhaustion, frustration and disappointment — we didn’t know how God would give us the strength and vision to press on. Support raising is hard. Anyone who tells you otherwise is totally pulling your leg. But it really is worth it and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

It’s like going to the gym for a really hard workout. You know it’s good for you, you know it will make those pants you’ve been wanting to wear look fantastic, but in the moment, while you’re doing it, you’d much rather be eating ice cream while watching “Biggest Loser.” Watching people workout counts, right?!

But, we watched the Lord do so much in this 10-week season of praying for this goal. Our monthly support grew 10 percent, we stepped out and took some risks we never thought we’d do, and we experienced the Lord more intimately than we ever have before.

Thanks for praying. You really are the best.

We’ll continue to keep you updated. Please pray for renewed vision for us this week. Pray for support appointments and more contacts. Pray for intimacy with the Lord.

Also, please let us know how we can be praying for you. We like to hear from you too. 🙂 Blessings friends.

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