Don’t we look purty…

Back in November, two days before our first snowstorm here in Minneapolis to be exact, our beautiful and wonderfully talented cousin Tiffini snapped some photos of us.

Remember when we didn’t need to wear a coat outside? Those were the days….

Anyway, we were in need of more formal pics that weren’t from our engagement session, or our wedding. In your first year of marriage — these are hard to come by. We’re blessed to have a photographer in the fam.

Let me just say that photo shoots with Erick can be a challenge at times. I believe Tiff even bribed him with Smarties (remember those?!) at one point in the shoot to keep him focused.

He makes faces, and tries to stick his finger up my nose, and makes friends with squirrels. There are shots of me smiling, and Erick … somewhere else. Of course, Tiff and I are used to Erick’s hilarity and find this quite amusing. 🙂

These are some of the good ones — I’ll post more later. 🙂 Thanks Tiff!!

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