Happy April Fools Day

I was duped today.

I even prepared last night. Totally psyched myself up.

“Okay, Courtney … tomorrow is April Fools Day. You can do this. Be sharp. Be focused.”

And what happens? Eight-hours of sleep later, I read a couple of tweets — (that’s a “post” in Twitter language for you non-twitter peeps.)

If you don’t know what a post is, I’m sorry. I can’t help you.

Anyway…I read a couple of tweets and perused the Internet, and man, for at least one minute I believed Joe Mauer was traded to the Yankees (stupid!), Hulu was no longer working (can’t happen), and that you can order your latte by smartphone and Starbucks would deliver it to you via motorized scooter (really, courtney?!).

I’m the most gullible person in the entire world. With great conviction in your voice, and intense eye contact, you can totally sell me on anything. But apparently it doesn’t even take that — social media is duping me.


How’s your April Fools going? Who’d you fool today?

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