Get to know us … Day 22

Day 22: Favorite Web site

Erick: Engadget

This was a tough one. I spend most of my “web browsing” on my iPad, which usually means I’m viewing websites via an App called “Flipboard”.

Because of that, I rarely think about what the actual web site I’m looking at or getting my information from is, it’s just all information from my Flipboard. So in that sense my favorite web site is Flipboard because it brings all of the content from web sites and blogs that I want to know about (facebook, twitter, google reader, engadget, car&driver, etc.).

But if I had to pick one web site, it would probably be Engadget. Basically I love gadgets, so a web site with “gadget” in the title seems fitting. I can find out all about what’s new in the Apple world, general tech’ world, cell phone companies, new tech’ that’s coming out, etc. It’s pretty solid.

It was a toss up between and I figure that your “favorite” web site is the one that you frequent the most, and those are the three. Well, those and this one that you should ALL check out:


Courtney: The Pioneer Woman

Favorite Web site — hands down.

Blogs with pretty pictures, great stories, fun ideas and delicious recipes reel me in. I honestly strive to infuse that into our web site, but there is definitely room for improvement. Especially when I start comparing my wordpress to her wordpress.


I first learned of the Pioneer Woman from my dear friend Shanti. Shanti sent me an email with a link, and four simple words, “meet your new obsession.”

Oh, how she knows me so well.

The Pioneer Woman was a country girl, who moved to the big city, only to come back to the country and fall in love with a cowboy. Her story is romantic and hilarious.

Here she is by the way. I want her kitchen.

Her blog writing is fantastic. She lets you in on her world on a Cattle Ranch in Oklahoma, shares her family, food, home and garden tips and tricks, and beautiful photography with you. She makes you want to cook everything she takes a picture of.

Some recipes are hers, some are her mom’s, and some are from the ladies from her church who have been cooking since the first edition of the Joy of Cooking.

Enjoy her friends. She’s good stuff.

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