Lots of info comin’ in and out

We’re reading a library right now. Yes, these are all being read by two people. I may or may not claim four of them.

Don’t judge me. I like to overwhelm my brain with information.

Erick’s all over “A Million Ways to Die,” by Rick James. I’m finally tackling “Changes That Heal,” by Henry Cloud (my Campus Crusade friends are all gasping right now). And I’m off-setting Henry with a little Howard through “Onward.”

Good stuff people.

One thought on “Lots of info comin’ in and out

  1. I understand friends… i am currently “reading” about 3 (about because i can only think of 3 titles, i think i’m actually reading 4 non-bible books)… myself 🙂 maybe it’s a staff culture thing?? 🙂

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