I forgot to show you … my danishes

I made cheese danishes for my Mom on Mother’s Day. I told you I would. So I did. And they were delicious. And then I went for a long run. I took my own advice. 🙂

On Saturday evening — the day before the blessed Cheese Danish event —

By the way, did you just pronounce the word “blessed” in your head as bless-ed, or all letters together as blessed? I always wonder what people do. The word “blessed” takes on a whole new meaning based on it’s phonetic pronunciation.

You should know that I said, bless – ed.

Anyway, on Saturday evening, my punk of a little brother informed me that he is an official Cheese Danish connoisseur. I don’t ever remember this title being put on his tasting resume, but apparently at the ripe-old age of 20, Caleb has come to be an expert in all things danish.

Needless to say, the inevitable criticism that was destined to come my way caused me to sweat a bit. Spoken with the love and affection of a true little brother, Caleb says, “They better be good, Court.”

Thanks buddy. What an encourager you are.

When I’m feeling discouraged, I end sentences with prepositions. It’s very Yoda of me.

I awoke early Sunday morning to finish what I started. It was game time. Check em’ out! At this point, my heart beat with anticipated excitement.

Seriously, this recipe is a keeper. This really was easy. Did you make danishes? If not, there is always Father’s Day.

My danish-loving brother spoke sweetly to me on Sunday. He came into the kitchen, slowly cut off a corner, chewed thoroughly, then looked at me with a smirk and said, “wow, these are pretty good.”

Score. He should never underestimate his big sister.

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