StrengthsFinder: the Horrmann Edition

Courtney here. This topic is arguably one of my favorite to talk about. Things are about to get real nerdy, but stay with me folks. This is good stuff.

Back in 2001, Gallup introduced the first version of its online assessment, StrengthsFinder, to help people uncover their talents.

Have you ever read the book? Looks like this.

No? Then go buy a copy. The book leads you to an online assessment, which in turn throws out a little thing called the “Top 5.” Out of the 34 themes, this list is considered your “sweet spot.”

The purpose of StrengthsFinder is not to anoint you with strengths –– it simply helps you find the areas where you have the greatest potential to develop strengths.

You should know that I don’t work for Gallup (though it’d be a sweet job), nor am I a paid advertiser (not even close). I’m just a believer.

I passionately value the knowledge and coaching this provides.

You know that cheesy maxim we’ve heard our whole life — Knowledge is Power? It’s totally true here. Knowledge, skills, and practice are important parts of the strengths equation. Without basic facts in your mind, and skills at your disposal, natural talent can go untapped.

God gifted each of us with a particular skill set, and it’s our responsibility to be a good steward of those blessings.

These are our top five. What are yours?

Erick’s Top Five

1) Empathy
2) Developer
3) Adaptability
4) Connectedness
5) Belief

Courtney’s Top Five

1) Belief
2) Input
3) Achiever
4) Responsibility
5) Arranger

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