Think About It: Be Still

Luke 2:19
“But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.”

Normally, I wouldn’t take much notice to this passage because the events surrounding it seem to diminish it. Luke 2 is the appearing of the Angels to the shepherds after Christ’s birth. Verse 19 is after the shepherds leave the manger to continue proclaiming that Christ has been born. The passage always read as a beautiful moment spent with the inner thoughts of a mother about her child. Very parent-y. But C.H. Spurgeon broke it down for me in my time in the word this morning. There is an important lesson to be learned through this verse.

To break down the verse we see three elements of this moment with Mary. Her memory — she treasured up all these things; her affections — she kept them in her heart; her intellect — she pondered them; so that all three elements were utilized to experience and remember what she had heard and experienced.

This passage is a call to let our memories treasure up everything about Christ which we have ever felt, known, or believed; and to then let our fond affections hold him fast for evermore.

It is also a call to meditation and being quiet before the Lord to truly understand Him and our experiences with Him and His Word. It is not enough to simply grasp the surface of something, we must dig deep and allow the Holy Spirit to intercede and give us clarity and understanding of the things we cannot perceive initially.

Spurgeon draws this eloquent image to help us see this:

“Be not as the swallow which toucheth the brook with her wing, but as the fish which penetrates the lowest wave.”

Think About it.

How often do you take a moment to truly ponder the scriptures or the moments in your life that God has truly been at work? Take some time this week to truly sit and let the Spirit speak wisdom and understanding to you. As we take time to silently ponder and meditate on God’s Word, God will surely bless it!

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