Get to know us: Day 27

Day 27: Favorite board game

We love games. If there is a game to be played, Erick and I claim a side of the board. When we cook food for you, it tends to be followed up with a game. Usually Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride because these are the crowd favorites, but we will bring in others as well.

You know those wooden, vintage board games from Target that sit all nice on a bookshelf? Yeah, we have all of those.

Erick: Clue

When I decided on Clue there were many factors involved. One of them being that I got to display the picture above (Col. Mustard, with the wrench, in the library … killing Prof. Plum of course. Look at him, the Prof. is so innocent and unsuspecting). One day on they were selling a t-shirt with the above graphic and I had to have it. I am also a big fan of Clue because … well, I usually win! If you ask me I’d tell you that it’s my keen sense and ability to read clues and make almost prophetic inferences as to “who done it”. If you ask Courtney … or anyone else I play with … they’d tell you that I’m a cheater.

This is of course false. Is it “cheating” if you watch everyone as they mark their sheets after their turn? Or is that the keen ability of a true Clue master? I guess that’s up to you to decide. But in my defense, I can still win even when everyone knows I do this and they hide their sheets from me when they cross off clues … although, I can still usually figure out which category they crossed off and then if I can remember what their guess was …

Courtney: Scrabble

I debated on this one. I have a lot of games I enjoy, but I think Scrabble’s gonna nab the top spot. Know that Ticket to Ride and Stratego follow with a close second and third, respectively.

I don’t know when my love of Scrabble came about, but man do I love this game. I may or may not have asked for the deluxe edition for Christmas back in my junior year of college — that’s the version with the spinning board and wonderful velvet bag to hold those wooden tiles *sigh. It’s the simple things in life.

Why is my favorite game the same as your 85-year-old Grandma, you ask? Because it is. That’s why.

Because there is something beautifully satisfying about getting “Z” on a double-letter, “C” on a triple-word, and throwing “cozie” down on the game board and out-wording your competitor. Bam.

Note: I’m usually playing Erick, which makes these moments extra special.

In case you haven’t guessed already, I’m a tinsy bit competitive. Particularly when playing against my husband and my brothers. I hate losing to them.

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