Labor day adventures

We whipped out our passports this weekend. I always feel so cool when I get to use my passport. Like I’ve arrived — I’m officially a part of the cultured and refined cool kids club.

But this weekend wasn’t about growing in cultural competence. It wasn’t about climbing into the seat of a big old jet plane that would whisk me away to some exotic place in the Mediterranean.

Nope. It sure wasn’t.

Instead, we went to Canada.

It was about being in the backseat of a car for six and half hours, nestled between my husband and his best friend, rattling off bad laffy taffy jokes and drinking $.99 cent stale coffee from a Holiday.

It was one of the best Labor day weekends of my life.

We drove and drove, handed a man with a bullet-proof vest our five passports, drove some more, hopped in a boat, and traveled to an island 10 minutes away … where we settled for three days.

Three glorious days of being with wonderful friends, enjoying beautiful scenery, and exploring this land they call Canada.

And then we had to leave. *sigh*

Laughing, playing, and eating taffy all the way home. 😉

What do you call a cow with a twitch?  

Beef Jerky. 

What did you do this weekend?

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