Christmas Card 2011

We were totally on our game this year. Our Christmas cards are done before Christmas, with plenty of time to spare. I will never understand this, but somehow, getting these suckers out each year seems to put me back in “senior year of college procrastinator” mode.

But not this year. This time it was: Us > world.

Seriously, so proud of us. Particularly, me (Courtney). As awesome as Erick is, pumping out the Christmas card is not one of his “to do’s.”

So, correction: Us  me > world.

Many of you will be receiving this guy in the mail. You’ll hang it on the back of a door in your kitchen, or fridge, or wherever it is you display your Christmas cards. But then I thought, “hey!” why not share this card with the world!!! The Internet gives me this power. (Insert obnoxious evil laugh here.)

So here you go world. Merry Christmas from the Horrmann’s.

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