Get to know us: Day 29

Day 29: Favorite NFL team

Here’s some insight into our relationship. I (Courtney) LOVE football. I love competitive sports in general, but man, I love football. Football Sunday = fun day. The end.

Erick is a little less hardcore. He loves the community football games create (i.e. parties encouraging fun and the consumption of pizza and chicken wings). He doesn’t necessarily need the football, but as he puts it, “it’s a nice touch.” I’m usually the one who obnoxiously runs through the door after church, does a barrel roll over the couch, and clicks on the TV to make sure we see kick off.

A little bit of role reversal exists in the Horrmann household. That’s just how we roll.

And to be even more open with you — we’ve had some knock-down-drag-out arguments about the best teams in the NFL. Like, “for real” fights. This year went to a whole new level because we played each other in a fantasy league. We’re married so we know exactly how to ruffle each other’s feathers. We’re competitive. We get sassy, we totally talk trash about each other’s teams, and we sometimes raise our voices and stand on furniture.

This is normal right?

Erick: THE Minnesota Vikings*

I’ll admit, this season was a difficult one. Full of things like another veteran QB (McNabb) flop, AP injured, having the worst record I ever remember in my lifetime, and … lots of other stuff. Although I stayed true to my team this season, sporting my jersey for every game I watched, I’m glad the season is over for us. Excited to press the reset-button and start fresh next season.

Like most people, however, I enjoy cheering for a team that has the potential to win games (and for most of this season that really wasn’t the Vikings — yea, I can admit it). I needed to find a new team to cheer for. Last season, it was Michael Vick & The Eagles. I was all set to cheer them on for the remainder of this season, but then something unexpected but amazing happened.

Tim Tebow took over as the starting QB for the Denver Broncos.

Tebow Time! Tebow Nation! Tebowing! It all came rushing into my world. Instantly, I became enamored by his presence and couldn’t stop watch him lead the Broncos to victory after victory — all coming from behind, usually in the 4th quarter, and mostly in the last five minutes. Needless to say it made for an exciting football season for the Broncos. A team floundering at the helm of Kyle Orton during the first five games of their season. After a bye week during week 6, the whole offense was Tebow’d and the Broncos went on to win seven out of the next eight games. I watched them win their division, beat the Steelers in the Wild Card game but then unfortunately lose to the Patriots in the Divisional Playoffs (who won the AFC title and will play against the Giants in the XLVI Super Bowl).

I became a hardcore Tebow fan. Routing for him during games, loving his unwavering faith & boldness to put God first in his press-conferences & on the field, his intense competitive nature, and his leadership ability to rally the Broncos to go from season-hopeless to SuperBowl-hopeful.

Also, for those of you wondering, I did beat Courtney in fantasy football this season. Coming in second behind her brother Caleb. Courtney came in third. One of the better outcomes since Caleb and I usually gang-up on Courtney when we play other games together like Sorry, Risk, Cribbage and others.

Courtney: Green Bay Packers

My team is the Green Bay Packers: the greatest NFL organization … ever. They have 13 championships. The most of any other organization in the NFL. I’m from Wisconsin. So are the Packers. They have a culture of winning. I like to win. The relationship just makes sense.

Unlike my husband, I’m not forced to choose a “back-up” team to cheer on because my #1 team chose the frantic “trade/draft/beg for old men QB’s” option versus the traditional “draft talent on draft day” approach. And a note to the Vikings: a new stadium won’t fix your problems.

Okay, I’m done.

I love the Packers. I’ve always loved them. I always will love them. And if you’re wondering, yes, I do still feel the sting of defeat from that playoff game against the Giants. I will move on. There’s always next year. Both for the Packers, and my fantasy team.

And for the record, that ugly purple jersey Erick wears on game day is that of #4. Don’t go thinking Erick is all sweet and innocent. He taunts me on Sundays.

One thought on “Get to know us: Day 29

  1. One more reason why I love reading your blog. I can literally hear you saying this as I read this. I especially love the comments about the Vikings Court. Go Packers!

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