February Prayer Letter

We’ve ignored this blog for more than a week. Which for the Responsible/Achiever side of me — that’s just not okay. But I’m sure you’re giving us grace right now, right?

You are? Thanks. You’re swell.

If you’re a family member, part of our ministry team, friends with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or have seen us at all in the past couple of weeks, you know this bit of information already. But we thought we’d hit up another medium. 🙂 Why not?!

We’ve moved. Praise the Lord!!!! He has brought us to a new chapter in our ministry, and we can joyously say that we now live in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. We will have more updates on the whirlwind of our lives in the next few days.

Thank you for your prayers, support, love, friendship, and presence in our lives. Without the Lord’s hands in our lives through you, we honestly wouldn’t be here.

Please continue to pray for us as we transition into our new roles. Pray for patience, wisdom and complete dependence upon the Lord. And continue to pray for our team and the students in central Wisconsin.

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