We moved. Life is organized chaos.

Thirteen days ago, we got the go ahead to move to Stevens Point. Five days after that, we signed the lease to our new apartment. Eight days later, I’m hopped-up on caffeine and telling you about the organized chaos that is my life while sitting in my new living room.

This is my story.

Last Tuesday, we drove to Stevens Point, WI to look at apartments. We were so pumped and ecstatic, but also a little overwhelmed. Minneapolis was our home for almost four years. It was finally sinking in that we would be moving to a new city, and building a new life.

As we drove the 3 1/2 hours from Minneapolis to Stevens Point that morning, we thought, “hey, if we find a place we like, let’s just sign a lease today and reserve a moving truck for Saturday.” So, that’s what we did.

We Horrmann’s are decisive.

As we drove back to Minneapolis that night, we talked about our excitement of living in Stevens Point, working with the students on campus, and joining our staff team. And then reality struck — we had to pack.

(Insert mini panic attack here)

I calmed myself down by perusing the Internet for packing strategies.

I know. I’m the person who googles random stuff. It’s just what I do.

And I learned something. Can I pass on a packing tip to you? It’s a good one.

On each box, write the room where it should go (kitchen, living room, office, etc.) and then a number. On a separate sheet of paper, write down everything in the box next to the corresponding number. LIFE SAVER. I got the idea from a wonderful stranger’s random blog. Thank you wonderful stranger.

Here’s another thing I learned. We need to minimize our life. I said it multiple times over the weekend, and I’ll say it again now, I have absolutely no idea how two people have so much stuff. Yes, I realize this is the first time I’ve moved more than just myself. But for real — we had 35 boxes for just the kitchen.

We had an army of people helping us moving on Saturday. Parents, brothers, friends — the Lord has blessed us with an amazing group of men and women to walk through life with. Thank you again to all of you!

The past few days have been a little nuts for us. We’ve made more trips to Target, Walmart and Lowe’s than I can count. Erick’s hung or put together nearly everything in our home — proving again and again how stinkin’ handy he is. He’s AMAZING!!! This move has revealed a whole new side of my husband. Blessings continue.

All 35 of my kitchen boxes are unpacked, the contents within them stored away on shelves and in cupboards, and the apartment is beginning to feel a little more normal. Well, the kitchen looks normal. The rest of the house … not so much. I’ve got a few more days. Monday is our official first day on campus.

Day 18 is when life gets real. Stay tuned.

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