Leaders are learners


I really love my job. Every day is different — it poses a new challenge, introduces me to a new person, and continually provides opportunities to learn new things. I love ideas, I love information, I love brainstorming. I love figuring out new ways to do things to maximize them, make them better, and reach more people. I’m continually stretched and pushed to new limits. I’m never content — though there are certainly days all I crave is comfort and security. I need the Lord’s strength to help me push past my natural, lazy tendencies.

I long to learn from those who have gone before me. Those who have been in my shoes and can relate to my day-in and day-out challenges. A few months ago, our boss asked Erick and I to pick a part a blog series written by a guy named Tim Casteel. If you’re a part of the Cru world — you’ve probably heard of him. Tim has been on staff for more than 15 years and is currently the director at the University of Arkansas. Tim keeps a blog to share leadership resources, college ministry strategy, and other articles/books/blogs that have challenged him. Soon after Naidl asked us to check out Tim’s blog series, I began following Tim on Twitter. I’ve been learning from Tim ever since. He is a man who has walked in my shoes and has gone before me in the world of campus ministry.

Take note of this — whenever you have access to great leaders, take advantage of it. Read their stuff, take copious notes and put their advice into practice — even if it’s only coming to you from the world of social media. I’ve learned a lot from Tim already and I’ve never met him.

Anyway — something that’s really captivated me that Tim put together was his blog post on the 8 Largest Cru Movements in the country. Tim spent time initiating with the directors over the phone/email gathering information about each of these campuses — statistics, outreach strategies, funding information, what the directors do, what the staff do, and what contributed to the growth of the movements.

Now, I recognize that most of this information is most helpful to my fellow Cru staff/campus ministers. If you’re reading this and you serve in a campus ministry — go read what Tim has to say. Seriously — it’s great stuff. I’m blogging about his blog because I don’t think enough people are reading it.

But if you’re not apart of this campus world, take this as a reminder to seek out the leaders in your field and learn from them. Ask them questions, read everything you can find written and recommended by them, and pay attention and learn from the leaders who mentor them.

Leaders are learners.

Check out Tim’s blog here: http://www.timcasteel.com

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