About Us


Who are the Horrmanns?

Hi. We’re Erick and Courtney. We’re pretty simple, fun-loving, adaptable individuals, and there are a few things, we believe, that define who we are pretty well.

One — Starbucks is the greatest producer of coffee … ever. We’re really okay admitting we’re Starbucks snobs. It’s the best. (Being coffee baristas in a former life really did us in). We are passionate about the coffee we drink, and we love it even more when we get to enjoy a cup with a great friend, family member or stranger in a green apron.

Two — We love creating community revolved around food. We both cook, and we’d like to think we’re pretty good at it too. Courtney references at least three food blogs daily — Pioneer Woman, anyone?? We show love by cooking breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, desserts — whatever — for everyone. Some of the greatest conversations can be had at the end of a meal, when you just sit back, push your plate forward, and enjoy company and conversation. So come on over and eat!!

Three — Jesus is the only way. He is our first love, dearest friend, courageous protector and loving comforter. Our greatest desire is to bring Him glory and see lives changed by His great love. We’re sinners saved by grace and forever live to be passionately desirous of our Savior. We believe Jesus is worthy of our lives.

So like we said — simple. Thanks for hanging out with us.

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