Our favorite pictures

That’s Erick over there on the right. Ain’t he cute?!

Honestly, this has to be one of my favorite pictures from his childhood. It totally defines who he is. If he’s interested in something, he dives right in to investigate.


This is my (Courtney’s) grandma. I don’t know exactly how old I am in this picture — definitely less than one year. I made her a grandma at the ripe young age of 42. Less than 10 years later, she shared the Gospel with me and led me to Christ. About 2 1/2 months later, she left this world to spend eternity with her savior.


Back in college, Erick worked for Seattle’s Best Coffee as a coffee barista. He and his fellow barista’s were making a calendar for their boss. This was Erick’s “calendar pose.” Apparently  he couldn’t help himself.


I was a swimmer. Did I tell you that yet? (btw — I’m the one in the Hudson Raiders swim cap)

Yep — I swam competitively for about 12 years. Swimming was actually one of the reasons I went to UW-Eau Claire. I loved the sport, and I loved being on a team. I swam for about two months as a freshman in college, but soon quit. I’ll tell you why later — it was a tough decision.



Erick’s favorite wedding picture. I think it’s his smirk.

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