Ten Important Things We’ve Learned About Blogging

We’ve had some intense writer’s block lately. We know it comes with the territory when you’re the soul editor of your own blog. But it’s still frustrating.

All that to say, it led me (Courtney) back to some writing “rules” I’ve taken from blog writers out there in Internet land. At times, we break these rules — but we strive to keep them as best we can.

1) Be yourself.

Write in your own voice.

Write as if you’re talking to your best friend.

Like my Mom always told me growing up, don’t be someone you’re not.

Thanks Mom.

2) Blog Often

This is key.

Whether you write a sixteen-paragraph essay about daylight savings time and how outdated it is, a one-paragraph description of the explosion of popover batter in your kitchen, or a simple photo and caption, consider your blog a precious bloom that requires daily nurturing.

And watering.

If you water a plant once every two weeks, it will shrivel.

Think “love fern” from “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.”

3) Be Varied. 

Change things up. Offer a smorgasbord of content.

Unless you’re, say, a food blog. And in that case, you should probably continue to blog about food.

But never blog about the same recipe twice!

4) Exercise More.

Blogging is an insidiously sedentary activity, and if you blog daily you should take steps to markedly increase your daily movement.

Plus, exercise is just good for you. Go bust a move.

5) Allow your boundaries to set themselves naturally.

Don’t feel like you have to sit down and set rules about what you will and will not blog about from day one. Just blog, and see what feels comfortable for you.

We did that.

We’ve found that we tend to blog about the same things we talk to our friends about.

We’ve also found that we tend not to blog about things we wouldn’t talk to our friends about.

6) Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself.

It’s funny. People will laugh. And it’s who you are. Erick and I do and say ridiculous things.

Example, a few years ago, our friend Dan went to Hawaii on vacation. I wanted to make sure he was well prepared for the trip and asked, “Dan, what’s the exchange rate there?” Of course I was immediately met with uncontrollable laughter from my beloved.

Tell your Internet friends these stories. They’ll love you more.

You still love me, right?

7) Try your best to spell words correctly and use proper grammar. 

I was an editor in a former life. Errors stick out to me like peanut butter cups in Easter baskets. I see them, and I want to take them away as quickly as possible.

But, you don’t necessarily have to wig out about it.

But do try.

It’s important.

8.) If you have writer’s block, push through and blog anyway.

This is the rule we don’t always follow. But it’s a biggie.

The Get to Know Us section of our blog was born on a day when inspiration was lost and I thought this blog was dumb.

I’m glad we powered through. Our site takes a beating from all the “hits” it receives on “Get to Know Us” days.

9) Value every person who takes time out of their day to stop by your blog.

Tell ‘em you love ‘em. Regularly.

10) We love you. 

More than peanut butter cups. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂