May Prayer Letter

Meet Katie and Cait. They’re sweet, they’re fun, and they learned how to walk with Jesus this year. This job allows us to have a front-row seat to life change.

Thanks for praying us, our team, and the students in central Wisconsin.

Summer project: why is Amy going?

I disciple this amazing freshman woman named Amy. She’s fun, beautiful, and deeply desires to learn more about Christ and how to walk with Him for a lifetime. This past fall, Amy re-committed her life to Christ through the Cru movement at UW-Stevens Point. This summer, she is taking a big step of faith by going on Summer Project in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (NMB).

Amy (right) and her friend Cherise. 🙂

I recently asked Amy why she was going on project, and what she was most excited about this summer. This was her response.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to share the Gospel and my story with people in a part of the country unfamiliar to me. God has flipped my life upside down ever since I let Him into my heart. I want nothing more than to bring that joy and experience to others.”

Next year, Amy will be serving as a Target Area Leader in one of the dorms on campus. She will be co-leading a Bible study, sharing her faith with students in the dorm, and trusting the Lord to use her to lead others to Jesus Christ. Amy is a changed life. Be praying for her as she steps out in the power of the Holy Spirit this summer on the beach, as well as on the floors in her dorm next fall.

Learn more about Amy by listening to her personal testimony about how she came to know Christ, the struggles she experienced, and how the Lord picked her back up.

January Prayer Letter

This month, we wanted to share a story with you from a student who attended Twin Cities Xperience (TCX), our  four-day winter conference in downtown Minneapolis. Jillian is a sophomore at UW-Eau Claire, has been a Christian for nine months, and this was her first time attending TCX.

Also, please continue to pray for us as we wait on the Lord to finish our financial support. He is doing so much within our own hearts as we work and wait upon Him and His timing. Pray that we would see our support come to completion within the next few weeks.

Thanks for praying us, our team, and the students in central Wisconsin.