1. What do you do day-to-day?

Great question! Our main responsibilities include:

  • Bringing the message of the Gospel to students
  • Leading Bible studies on campus
  • Discipling and training our student leaders
  • Strategically planning the best ways to continue reaching students
  • Helping plan and execute our weekly Cru meetings, as well as other conferences and events throughout the year
  • Connecting with and building our team of ministry partners
  • Continuing to develop and grow in our own knowledge to be equipped to reach students in an ever-changing culture

2. Do you work with anyone else?

We are on a staff team with four other full-time staff. There are also interns and community volunteers each year who join/assist the staff team.

3. Do you receive any training or education for your work?

When we first joined staff in the summer of 2009, we took three seminary level classes from the Institute of Biblical Studies. Every few summers we will continue to take seminary classes to further our education. This is a requirement for all Cru staff members and something we value.

We also receive on-going training as a part of Cru’s New Staff Development, which assists with our day-to-day work, and growing in our relationship with the Lord.

4. Will you live on campus?

No. We live near the UW-Stevens Point campus. We already experienced dorm life when we were students — we had our fill. 🙂

5. How long do you plan to be with Cru?

Until the Lord leads us elsewhere. We made a commitment to surrender our lives fully to Him. As long as we feel called to reach the millions of college students around the world — we’ll be with Cru. We simply love what we do!

6. Do you live completely off of your financial donations?

Yes. We are 100 percent funded by the gifts of our ministry partners. Our partners’ giving supports our our salary, benefits, retirement, ministry expenses, training and many other things. We could not do what we do without the investments from our partners.

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