The Movement

Campus Crusade for Christ is an interdenominational ministry committed to helping take the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations. Started in 1951, on the campus of UCLA, the ministry has movements on more than 1200 campuses in the United States, and presence in 191 countries.

Today’s college students find themselves in an environment that is tearing away at their moral and spiritual stability. They feel trapped by the pressures of academic life and the deep need to be accepted by their professors and peers. Students are searching for true significance and purpose for their lives.

Mission: Helping Turn Lost Students and Faculty into Christ-Centered Laborers

Vision: Helping Build Movements Everywhere so Everyone Knows Someone Who Truly Follows Jesus.


Win: Introducing students to Christ through conversations, outreaches and media.

Build: Creating life changing community.

Send: Taking the message to the world through opportunities like summer missions projects, internships and full-time staff.

We are devoted to reaching college students for Christ, building them up in their faith and sending them out to help fulfill the Great Commission.

When we step foot on a college campus everything we do is based on those strategies. Whether it be a Bible Study, Mentoring group, Conference, Outreach, or Missions Trip, we are using this strategy to reach college students.

Web sites – Exploring questions about life and God – U.S. Campus Ministry – Campus Crusade for Christ International – Bible study & Discipleship materials

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